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Category: Domestic Violence

Social media plays a role in landmark domestic violence case

When a Pennsylvania resident has been subjected to acts of violence at the hands of a loved one, addressing the matter in court can be a challenge....

Domestic Violence Should Prompt Thoughts Of Divorce

Each and every couple in the state of Pennsylvania will go through a range of ups and downs within their marriage. Very few, however, will experience...

The Often Forgotten Victims Of Domestic Abuse

Imagine this: one spouse is abusive toward the other. The first spouse is controlling, threatening and physically aggressive. Quick, if the couple is...

Marriage Is Not Always A Good Thing

Even though the rate of divorce in Pennsylvania and across the country is quite high, many people, even those who have been through a divorce, do...

Trial Ahead For PA Man After Alleged Domestic Violence

A 40-year-old Pennsylvania man was ordered to stand trial after allegedly attacking his wife following a Halloween party at a neighbor’s house....

The High Economic Toll Of Domestic Violence Behavior

While traditionally domestic violence has been seen as a criminal problem, the social, economic and health ramifications can’t be underestimated....

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