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Collaborative Law

Resolving Divorce Disputes Through Collaborative Law

Reducing Stress and Discord Out of Court

Among the many fears that can grip individuals facing a divorce a Mechanicsburg are concerns that the divorce process will “get ugly,” create even more animosity than currently exists, and lead to a lengthy legal process that will be costly.

Collaborative law is designed to minimize stress and resolve differences, and often brings other advantages over a courtroom battle, including:
  • Allowing participants to retain control over their divorce process, by keeping decisions out of the hands of the courts
  • Encouraging parties to communicate and amicably resolve their legal matter
  • Saving participants money and time, by expediting solutions by effectively addressing issues and allowing couples to share helpful resources such as financial experts and counselors
  • Protecting participants’ privacy, by allowing parties to choose not to enter private documents into the public domain

How Does Collaborative Law Work?

In collaborative law, both parties retain a collaborative attorney and work through a series of four-party meetings to resolve issues and reach resolution. Through open, honest conversations the parties seek to hammer out agreements that address the various issues inherent to the end of a relationship.

Parties can bring in different specialists, including accountants, counselors, mortgage brokers, realtors and child counselors in an environment and structure aimed to facilitate win-win agreements and compromise.

Who Can Provide Representation in Collaborative Law?

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., have handled hundreds of divorce cases, including numerous cases that were resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods and out of court.

How to End Your Marriage With Dignity and Respect

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