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5 Things to Do if You Feel You Have been Wrongfully Terminated

If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated, follow this checklist:

Get Information on the Record

Try to clarify information at the time of your termination. If you do not know why you were fired, try to get a straight answer from the human resources department or your supervisor. Even if this reason is false, it can help you prepare if you know the pretext of why you were fired.

Review Your Contract

Pennsylvania is an employment at-will state, meaning that employers generally have the right to terminate you whenever they want. However, one exception is if you have a contract, in which case the employer can only fire you for the grounds included in the contract. If you have an employment contract, review these provisions to see if your employer had grounds. If you have an employment handbook or other written document that states that you are assured of continued employment, gather these documents.

Gather Documentation

Another reason why an employer cannot terminate you is by discriminating or retaliating against you. If you think that your termination was wrongful because of an unlawful purpose, gather documentation that may support your allegations, such as text messages, emails, memos or other documentation.

File an EEOC Report

Before you can file a lawsuit against your employer, you must file a report with the EEOC or the Pennsylvania Hunan Relations Commission and receive a right-to-sue letter.

Contact an Experienced Employment Lawyer

Contact an experienced Pennsylvania employment law attorney for assistance. He or she can explain your legal rights and investigate your claim to see which legal options are available to you.

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