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Alimony Legal Help in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Alimony—Spousal Support—Alimony Pendente Lite—Spousal Maintenance

Concerns and fears regarding income are a key factor in many divorces. Common questions are:

  • “How can I minimize or increase the alimony payments I will need to pay or receive?”
  • “How can I be sure my spouse’s financial statements and claims will be accurate and fair?”
  • “How can I get a just outcome in my divorce when I don’t have the money to pay for an attorney?”
At the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., we have helped hundreds of clients successfully pursue their alimony goals. The court has a great deal of discretion when determining alimony payments and will consider many factors when setting payment amounts. We can effectively present arguments supporting your goals based on a broad range of issues, including:
  • Will one spouse be unable to retain the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage without financial assistance from his or her spouse?
  • How long was the marriage?
  • Does one spouse need help to become self-sufficient?
  • Does one spouse have special needs?

Details Can Greatly Affect Your Outcome

Spouses can use confusing financial information to obscure accurate income and debt amounts. Firm founder and attorney Peter Russo has owned numerous businesses and understands how to determine accurate incomes for individuals who are self-employed and own partial interests in businesses. In a recent case, our client’s spouse claimed his girlfriend’s truck as a business expense. Through our ability to decipher this and other misleading financial information, we succeeded in protecting our client’s alimony rights.

Securing Funds to Help You Live Your Life

Often one spouse controls the finances, leaving the other to wonder how he or she will pay for daily expenses during a divorce. Through an alimony pendente lite proceeding, we can seek financial assistance for your current and future living and other expenses.

How to End Your Marriage With Dignity and Respect

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