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Protection From Abuse

A temporary restraining order is just that—temporary. But it is also powerful. And a more permanent one contains a wide variety of protections for you and your children.

Domestic Violence
Also known as a protection from abuse order or PFA, it applies only to “family or household members,” unlike in certain other states, where neighbors or other in potential conflict are covered. Contact a Camp Hill PA protection from abuse attorney.

The temporary order is usually issued after police are called to the scene of threats or violence. No hearing is required for the temporary order. You do not need a lawyer. A hearing will be scheduled within 10 days to determine if a continuing danger exists and a long-term order should be put into effect. This is an important hearing for both sides. No one wants a protection from abuse order on their record. And if divorce or a child custody dispute is in progress, the subject of the order will be at a disadvantage.

If you are the party that requested the order, you should know that you will need to prove your case at the hearing. You need a lawyer for the best protection. The order can require the subject to stay away from their family member’s home or workplace, relinquish weapons, pay damages, and of course refrain from threatening or harming him or her.

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