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5 Interesting Traits Divorced Couples Have in Common

If you have recently searched for “divorce lawyer near me,” you may be wondering what differentiates one from the next. Well, the best divorce lawyers are able to see commonalities between their cases so that they are better able to better serve the needs of their clients. For example, they can see some of the traits that these individuals have after leaving their marriages so that they can help their clients prepare for the next chapter of their life. In a recent survey of top divorce lawyers, some of the most common traits that divorced individuals had in common were:

Good Communication

Divorcing parties who used the process of mediation or who were otherwise able to settle their divorce through a common agreement are more likely to have good communication, especially regarding issues concerning children or shared assets. Co-parents who reached compromised settlements were more likely to be able to put their children’s needs first. Additionally, many people divorce because communication has become an issue, so they are more likely to emphasize positive communication in future relationships.


Parties who reach a negotiated settlement or participate in mediation are also more likely to be more flexible when it comes to visitation or parenting time schedules. If it is important to you to have a flexible arrangement with your ex concerning your children, it is important you both find divorce lawyers who will support this arrangement, rather than stick to a specific schedule that may have worked in another case but will not work in yours.

More Attention to Finances

Money conflicts tend to be a leading factor in divorces today. Often, one or both spouses may exit the marriage feeling that they have been treated unfairly or worried that their spouse was hiding things. In contrast, some spouses make finances a priority from the beginning of their marriage and divorce process. They may look for a more affordable divorce lawyer who can provide clear information about how they will charge and ways that they can reduce the cost of their divorce, such as negotiating a settlement or participating in mediation.

Willingness to Work on Relationships

No one fully knows what they are getting into when they marry for the first time. However, people who have been married and divorced often understand that a marriage takes work. Even if they could not make their former marriage work, they will have a better sense of the time, effort, and commitment it takes to make a marriage work the next time around.


While there is certainly a grieving process that accompanies divorce, many people reach a point where they feel content with their decision and like they made the right choice. They have a renewed sense of hope for the future, in discovering themselves and potentially finding new love down the line. Making it through a tough time – like encountering divorce law firsthand – often shows people how resilient they are.

How to End Your Marriage With Dignity and Respect

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