Grandparents’ Rights and Issues Concerning Grandparents
100 Years of Combined Family Law Legal Experience in Mechanicsburg Camp Hill PA

Too often grandparents provide needed support and child-raising assistance for grandchildren, yet have little or no rights when parents deny visitation rights to them or when other circumstances bring legal problems.

At the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., we have provided family law legal services to grandparents since 1994. Are you facing grandparent-rights issues such as:
  • The inability to visit your grandchildren because your child, daughter-in-law or son-in-law refuses to allow it?
  • The inability to see your grandchildren because of a death, or because your grandchildren’s parents have separated?
  • The need to adopt or pursue physical custody of your grandchildren?

We know that, as grandparents, it is important to you to have and to retain a relationship with your grandchildren, and we offer skilled help in pursuing solutions directly with family members as well as in court.

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

A recent case illustrates our effectiveness in addressing and resolving grandparents’ family law concerns. Our clients’ daughter was incarcerated because of illegal drug use, and they raised her children for years. When our clients’ daughter was released from jail, she insisted on getting her kids back and denied our clients access to their grandchildren.

Our aggressive legal representation resulted in extensive visitation rights for our clients. Later, when serious issues again arose, our clients returned to raising their grandchildren and now have full legal custody.

Helping Family Members in a Broad Range of Circumstances

In addition to helping grandparents, we work with other relatives, including aunts and uncles. We also work with parents to contest suits initiated by grandparents. For more information regarding grandparent rights in Pennsylvania, contact our lawyer team.