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Marital Agreements

Marital agreements are becoming more and more common. At one time they may have been viewed with skepticism, as casting doubt on the marriage. But today they are recognized as beneficial to both parties, and a reasonable step to avoid problems in the future.

Premarital agreements are also called prenuptial agreements or antenuptial agreements. They are contracts signed by spouses-to-be prior to the wedding day. They set out financial relationships and other matters and are legally binding if properly drafted and executed. Contact a Camp Hill PA marital agreement attorney.

Property division in the event of divorce is the most common issue. Many people have children from a prior marriage that need support. Avoiding loss of a family business is another issue that can be agreed. Debts, inheritance or particular items of personal property are important matters to include in an agreement. Ask us about a debt settlement agreement or property settlement agreement.

The legitimacy of the agreement is sometimes questioned. Both parties must read and sign, preferably with the advice of an attorney. All material issues should be disclosed. Duress and incompetency may call validity into question.

Post-marital agreements

If you are already married, these issues can still be agreed whether you are considering divorce or simply desire confidence in whatever comes along. We can:

  • Draft an agreement
  • Review an agreement you are asked to sign
  • Review the agreement upon divorce
  • Litigate disputed agreements upon divorce

How to End Your Marriage With Dignity and Respect

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