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Paternity Law

Experienced Paternity Lawyers in Pennsylvania

20 Years of Combined Family Law Legal Experience in Camp Hill, PA

When you face a questionable paternity claim and wish to dispute fatherhood regarding a child, how do you make sure your full rights will be protected? When you wish to pursue a paternity claim, either as a father seeking parental rights or as a mother pursuing child support, who can provide effective, experienced legal help?

At the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., we have helped hundreds of individual and families in south central Pennsylvania pursue family legal rights, including rights relating to paternity. We handle paternity disputes including:
  • Fathers who wish to contest paternity claims
  • Fathers who wish to pursue fathers’ rights
  • Mothers who wish to establish paternity, which can result in a father’s obligation to pay child support
  • Mothers who wish to void a father’s rights due to drug or alcohol abuse, a criminal record, child abuse, child abandonment and other issues

In One Initial Consultation Your Options and Rights Will Be Much Clearer
Misinformation abounds regarding paternity laws in Pennsylvania. Often, clients need essential information and effective representation regarding:

  • What constitutes “holding yourself out as a father” and at what point does a father’s obligation become a legal obligation?
  • Can contributing to the support of a child result in a legal obligation to pay child support?
  • How can a paternity test be arranged, and can it be reviewed or retaken?

Don’t make life-altering decisions regarding paternity without informed legal counsel and aggressive legal help. For more information regarding paternity law and your rights in Pennsylvania, contact our office.

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