Providing a Broad Range of Family Law Legal Services
Active With Your Case — Active in the Community

At the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., we know that divorce can spiral into emotionally challenging issues beyond even a painful parting with your spouse. Who will live with and provide primary care for your children? And how can you divorce and find a new home without the financial resources to do so? Contact a child custody and support attorney in mechanicsburg camp hill, PA.

We commit to aggressively pursuing solutions to clients’ problems each time we accept a case, and offer services resolving a broad range of family law issues, including:

Providing You With Dispute Resolution Options

To best serve our family law clients, we constantly remain up to date with evolving family law dispute resolution methods. Our attorney team includes:

  • A collaborative law attorney. Collaboration can reduce discord and save money and time while allowing you a greater control over the divorce and custody process.
  • A lawyer who is trained in mediation. Mediation is a commonly used form of alternative dispute resolution which, when used, can keep you out of court and keep important decisions regarding your family out of the hands of overworked judges.
  • A trained Parenting Coordinator (P.C.) – A Parenting Coordinator, often referenced as a PC, is a neutral professional selected by the parties or ordered by the Court. The PC assists the parties in high conflict cases in implementing and monitoring compliance with agreements and orders, and resolving their child-related disputes in an efficient manner.

Caring for You — Caring for Your Community

We believe it is important to improve and support the community we live in, and play an active leadership role in numerous area community organizations. Our community activities include:

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