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Which Events In Life Often Lead To Divorce?

We have previously observed that just as every marriage is unique, every divorce is unique as well. As a result, there is no “formula” of events that necessarily leads couples to divorce. However, data does indicate that a host of common life events does place couples at higher risk of divorce.

Only you can determine whether divorce is the healthiest option for you. “Simply” because life has become very difficult in the wake of a traumatic event does not necessarily mean that divorce is right for you right now or that it will be in the foreseeable future. With that said, it can be helpful to know that you are not alone in contemplating divorce in the wake of a particularly stressful time in your life.

In general, any truly traumatic event that sparks stress and a change to the ways in which spouses live their lives can place a couple at increased risk of divorce. For example, the death, kidnapping or severe illness of a child can change a couple’s life so dramatically that the pair hardly recognizes each other anymore. Although counseling and other support mechanisms can help some couples, others opt to move forward separately in the wake of this kind of traumatic event.

Similarly, becoming so-called “empty-nesters,” having children, needing to live apart from one another for any significantly extended period of time, accidents leading to injury, infidelity, natural disasters, financial ruin and other kinds of trauma may easily place couples at heightened risk for divorce.

Source: Health.com, “7 Life Events That Can Lead to Divorce,” Amanda MacMillian, March 24, 2015

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