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The Case For Collaboration, And How We Can Help

When you imagine a high-asset divorce, what comes to mind? You may imagine the high-profile splits of celebrities who couldn’t seem to agree on anything, which led to years of disputing.

While there are certainly some divorces that follow this path, the truth is that most don’t. Just because you and your spouse have substantial assets doesn’t mean your divorce has to be a bitter fight until the end. In fact, there are numerous benefits to taking a collaborative approach, and we at the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., are here to help explain them.

Collaborative law involves both you and your attorney and your spouse and his or her attorney working together to find an agreement that you can both live with. At our law firm, we often bring in specialists, such as realtors and accountants, to assist us in making sure you are getting a deal that serves your interests.

The benefits of approaching divorce this way are notable. First, it is often less expensive and less time consuming. Staying out of court and working together instead of against each can make for an effective and efficient divorce.

Next, many couples find that collaboration is less stressful than a contested divorce. The goal really is to find the best solution for both you and your ex. Collaborative law encourages you to have open communication and find workable resolutions to your differences. This process can also set the tone for your relationship after your divorce. Being able to communicate constructively will be very important — especially if you have children.

Finally, collaborative law gives you and your ex the final say on your agreement. When a divorce goes to litigation, you give up control because the judge in your case has the final say. You will have the opportunity to argue your case, but you may not get the result you want.

At our law firm, we understand well the benefits of collaborative law and know how to effectively guide our clients through the process. To learn more about the process itself and how we can help you through it, please visit the Collaborative Law page of our website.

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