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Ricki Lake’s Husbands Wants Prenup Thrown Out

Prenuptial agreements can help protect your property if a marriage eventually leads to a divorce. With the help of an attorney, Pennsylvania residents can put together a well-drafted agreement that aims to satisfy both parties. Although the guidelines outlined in a prenup are meant to be followed when a divorce comes along, in some cases, a spouse might try to get the agreement thrown out.

Right now, a former talk show host is facing this exact situation. Many of our readers may remember Ricki Lake. She married her husband in 2012 but is now making her way through the divorce process. This week it was reported that her husband is seeking to have their prenuptial agreement invalidated. What is his reason? He claims that his wife defrauded him when she had him sign the agreement.

While this tactic is not unheard of when it comes to celebrity divorces, it will be interesting to see what his reasons are. So far there has been no explanation as to why he believes he was defrauded. Some speculate that Lake’s husband is trying to get more alimony than was outlined in the prenuptial agreement.

Correctly drafting a prenuptial agreement is an important step for many couples, considering the divorce rate in our country. They can help individuals protect things such as family businesses as well as serve a variety of other important functions. Those who choose not to create a prenuptial agreement will end up following the laws dictating divorce proceedings in their state.

Source: TMZ, “Ricki Lake Divorce: Hubby claims, ‘You defrauded me!’” Nov. 21, 2014

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