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Property Division Should Never Be Rushed

Once the divorce process has been initiated, many Pennsylvania spouses are eager for it to end. Some are uncomfortable with the uncertainties of their current financial situation and anticipate finalizing the divorce settlement. Others are simply ready to move on with their lives and to begin identifying themselves as a divorced person rather than a separated spouse. Regardless of the reason that a spouse is eager to complete the divorce and property division process, it is important to avoid rushing through the various tasks associated with a Pennsylvania divorce.

Property division is among the most impactful parts of any divorce process. The outcome of the division of marital property will have a lasting impact on the lives of both spouses. There are a number of pros and cons for virtually every choice that must be made during the property division process, and spouses must be willing and able to give this matter the time and attention that it demands.

One of the most common mistakes that spouses make during divorce involves failing to aggressively pursue assets to which they are entitled. Often, individuals are willing to give in to many of the demands of their ex simply to keep the process moving forward. With their attention turned toward the ultimate resolution of the divorce, some spouses will make seriously flawed decisions during property division.

The best course of action during the property division portion of a Pennsylvania divorce is to approach each and every financial decision with a clear head and an objective point of view. Of course, it makes no sense to argue excessively over who will retain a piece of personal property with relatively little monetary value. However, it also makes no sense to walk away from the equity in the family home simply to avoid a high level of contention with one’s spouse and finalize the divorce. This is a time in which decisions must be carefully weighed against one’s current needs as well as any future goals.

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