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Pennsylvania Divorce Court Seek Children’s Best Interest

Couples who have children and choose to divorce often face legal issues concerning child custody. These issues are very personal and tend to evoke strong emotions on both sides. When disputes arise, Pennsylvania courts typically seek the children’s best interest, typically by allowing both parents a shared participation in the children’s lives.

The Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., are dedicated to helping clients alleviate stress by offering effective representation in an economically feasible manner. Our legal team brings 20 years of combined experience to the table when guiding our clients through the process of facilitating agreements with a former spouse concerning child custody, child support and visitation rights. We are prepared to help you protect and exercise your parental rights while negotiating an outcome that suits your current and future needs.

Communication and compromise are often key to obtaining an amicable settlement that focuses on the present and future well-being of your children. Our successful record representing hundreds of clients before judges in court speaks for itself to assure you that we are ready to seek an acceptable resolution on your behalf. While we acknowledge the potential benefits of resolving a dispute out of court, we also understand that an uncompromising or unfit parent sometimes makes it impossible.

If your child custody issues have left you feeling overwhelmed and in need of legal intervention, you can contact the Pennsylvania Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., to schedule a consultation. Your children’s best interest will become our priority. We are ready to put our years of experience as skilled negotiators and advocates to work for you and your family.

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