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Mother Arrested In Complex Child Custody Matter

A woman has been taken into police custody after a warrant was issued for the crime of felony deprivation of parental rights. Those charges follow a lengthy child custody battle in which a mother and father have struggled over the care of their five children. Two of those children ran away from home when a court ruled that they could not live with their mother, and their whereabouts remain unknown as of the time of this report. The story serves as a warning to parents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere of the dangers of running afoul of a child custody order.

During court proceedings, the mother claimed that her former husband had been abusive toward her, as well as toward their two teenage daughters. Those allegations were never substantiated, and a psychologist was ordered to evaluate the family. He issued a report that stated that the mother had acted to brainwash the girls into believing that their father was abusive and dangerous. As a result, both parents were ordered to cease contact with their children until the matter could be resolved.

The girls were ordered to the care of their aunt, but ran away from home less than an hour after police delivered them to the aunt’s care. Since that time, authorities have no knowledge of where the teens are located, but believe that the mother is acting to hide them. It is alleged that the girls are being assisted by a network of people who believe that the nation’s family courts are corrupt.

As it now stands, the father has custody of all five children, and the mother has been arrested and is awaiting extradition back to her home state. She faces serious criminal charges in the matter. The location of the two teens is unknown, and police have pledged to prosecute anyone who is aiding in sheltering the children. This unusual child custody case serves as a warning to all Pennsylvania parents of the risks of violating a child custody order, even when one believes that doing so is in the best interests of their child.

Source: startribune.com, “Mother’s arrest brings Lakeville police no closer to missing girls“, Brandon Stahl, Oct. 21, 2015

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