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Maintain Proper Perspective During Child Custody Cases

Few things are more distressing to Pennsylvania parents than a battle over the care and custody of a child. Divorce is stressful enough, without the additional burden of a child custody fight. For those who are faced with such a challenge, it is important to maintain the proper perspective throughout the process. Doing so can help ensure a positive outcome for both parent and child.

One way that parents can reduce the level of contention within a custody case is to subdue their own personal emotions connected to the end of their marriage. Remaining angry or bitter over actions taken by one’s spouse is an almost certain path to conflict over sharing parenting time. This is a time to focus on the needs of one’s children, not on which party is to blame for the end of the marriage.

Divorced parents will no longer be linked romantically, but will remain connected through their relationship with their shared child or children. Working to lessen tensions and create a functional co-parenting partnership should be the primary goal. This, of course, is far easier said than done, especially in the middle of an already contentious divorce.

One way that Pennsylvania parents can approach this issue to to try and think about divorce and child custody as two unrelated matters. Ending the marriage and dividing marital wealth is about creating a fair outcome for both spouses, and giving each the chance to walk away from the marriage and toward a new life. Child custody is about creating a plan for raising shared children with the active involvement of both parents, and in a way that serves the best interests of the children. For some, re-framing the matter in such a way can be helpful in reducing conflict as the process moves forward.

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