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How To Move Forward And Reach A Divorce Settlement Agreement

For some in Pennsylvania, 2016 will be the year that they move beyond an unhappy marriage and into a whole new life. Many of them are stuck in a divorce case that has been stalled for a period of time and have been unsure how to move forward. This can be a stressful set of circumstances, but it is important to realize that with the right blend of motivation and effort, it is possible for both parties to reach a divorce settlement that they can live with and move on.

One reason why a spouse will act to delay a divorce is because he or she wishes that the marriage could be saved. Often, this will take the form of dragging one’s feet at any and all stages of the divorce. Paperwork may not be handled in a timely manner, or requested information might not be provided. While the desire to work things out is admirable, it is imperative to understand that it takes two willing parties to repair a marriage. If only one spouse is interested in staying together, then there is nothing that can be done to force the outcome.

Another common cause of divorce delay involves spouses who are using the divorce process to manipulate their soon-to-be-ex. In such circumstances, spouses will make every effort to cause discomfort and harm to their partner. Some will refuse to participate in good faith negotiating; others will use the legal process to hammer down the other spouse. This is never a good approach, and dragging out one’s divorce only serves to harm the interests of both spouses.

For those in Pennsylvania who recognize any of these behaviors within their own divorce case, it is important to consider taking a different approach. Intentionally delaying a divorce will not stop the final outcome from taking place; it will only lead to increased stress on the part of both parties. Legal fees also tend to be significantly higher when divorce is drawn out. Neither party can move on with their life until a divorce settlement has been reached, which makes it in the interests of both to resolve to bring the matter to a close as soon as possible.

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