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Child Custody

Child custody is a complex process and involves a lot of sadness, anxiety, agitation, and confusion. The Law Office of Peter J. Russo P.C. works to make the process easier and is the expert in the field of family and child custody law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our knowledgeable and experienced team explains all critical legal issues and as per individual client’s requirements in each case. Beginning a child custody case without a legal custody attorney could have a negative influence on your family. No other particular problem is more heated, emotionally filled, and relevant in the law than child custody concerns. We support a peaceable resolution to custody and other family law matters. 

Child Custody Issues

Some of the significant issues involved in child custody matters are:

  • When will the child visit another parent?
  • Who will be the living parent?
  • The  Physical and mental well-being of both Parents
  • How will grandparent visiting be managed?

We at The Law Office of Peter J. Russo P.C provide excellent support for you, to protect your relationship with your children. Our attorneys place stress on seeking child custody resolutions that protect the parent-child relationship.

Each parent is different, and the requirements of each child are different. We fight for the best interests of your child as your fervent advocates. The best way to ensure your child’s safety and to defend your parental rights is to opt for quick legal action from an experienced team. At the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo P.C., we have 100 years of combined experience to fight for clients’ rights in child custody conflicts.

Child Custody Help: What is Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody?

Joint custody and sole custody are the two most popular terms you will listen to when discussing custody.

In many cases, joint custody is when both parents have a legal obligation to decide on these aspects. Parents work together for the best interests of the child to form a healthy relationship with both parents and the child.

Sole Custody means one parent is ultimately responsible for making decisions about a child’s life. Sole custody to one parent is because the court does not view the parties as cooperative enough to work together for the child.

If you are currently experiencing a child custody dispute and seeking sole custody, our family lawyers will give you clear direction and resolutions. We understand the stress and confusion that are attached to this process. The Law Firm of Peter Russo is committed in assisting clients in resolving their issues in a cost-effective way. To discuss your child custody case with an experienced attorney, contact the Law Office of Peter J. Russo

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