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Grandparents Raise Children In Spite Of Failing Health

Grandparents Raise Children In Spite Of Failing Health

When readers think of the common American family arrangement, chances are that their ideas have shifted in recent years. The nuclear family used to be the common portrayal in television shows. However, a survey of current television program shows quite more variety in household demographics. Single parents, gay parents, and even extended families can now be seen.

Data from the Pew Research Center suggests that Hollywood may actually have it right, at least in terms of the changing American family unit. Single dads now account for almost one quarter of single parent households, and the passage of gay marriage laws in several states also adds an extra dimension to the fabric of American families.

It may not be surprising, then, for readers to learn that a state agency has become the first in the nation to operate a facility for grandparents raising kids. Whereas higher income grandparents might be able to hire nannies or other individuals to assist in child-rearing, low-income grandparents may not have that option. The facility is expressly designed for such low-income grandparents who are having difficulty caring for their own failing health while raising their grandkids.

The reasons why grandparents might assume legal and/or physical custody of their grandchildren can vary. Perhaps a single parent experienced drug addition or health problems. However, many family law courts are aware that grandparents can play a significant role in a child’s life.

In keeping with the changing demographics of the American family, a growing number of courts are increasingly recognizing grandparents’ rights. With the assistance of a grandparents’ rights attorney, a caregiver might assemble the evidence needed to prove that the current child-raising arrangement serves the best interests of the child.

Source:, “TN Facility First In Nation For Grandparents Raising Grandkids,” Adam Ghassemi, July 1, 2013

Grandparents Raise Children In Spite Of Failing Health

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