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Feb 20, 2017

I can\'t say enough about Kathleen Gingrich. I needed her services at a very difficult time in my life. She was always available and really listened to me and ...

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Feb 08, 2017

I can not say enough great things about this law firm. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, professional and above all else very friendly. I have never had an issue personally or ...

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Feb 01, 2017

Peter Russo and the staff at his firm have handled my personal and professional business for almost a decade. His office is extremely professional and efficient. They never forget that ...

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Feb 01, 2017

Peter was easy to work with and handled my case first class. He was knowledgeable about my case (possible age discrimination) and gave me options on what I could do. ...

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Feb 01, 2017

Peter is extremely knowledgeable and aggressive, yet even-tempered. He is professional, diligent, and compassionate, and responsive to his clients\' needs. I never hesitate to send him a referral as ...

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Jul 25, 2018

WERE BACK !! First and foremost Peter has a sense of humor. Peter was efficient and effective and on point when it came to the time line of events. Very important ...

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Jun 26, 2018

Kara Haggerty was an amazing attorney. She handled my highly toxic divorce with aplomb, carefully and skillfully. Megan was also very helpful. Highly recommend!!

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May 11, 2018

I have been working with Peter for last 3 years and the experience has been worthwhile. He is a man of his word and I would highly recommend him.

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Mar 22, 2018

I am a grandmother who just wants to be involved with her only grandson\'s life in every way, watch him grow and always be there for him and just ...


Jan 10, 2018

Peter is an excellent attorney! He is caring and effective in his representations.

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Imagine going to the doctor in Harrisburg. As you wait for the nurse to take you back, you are asked to fill out certain forms. After getting through the insurance information, there is a form asking about medical history. Do you, a sibling, a parent or a grandparent have cancer? high blood pressure? heart disease? For most of us, these questions are relatively easy; we know our family medical history. For people who have been adopted, however, medical histories may be a mystery.

While there are countless positives that come with adopting a child or being adopted, there are some adoption challenges, as well. One of the biggest is access to birth parents’ medical records.

In some states, there are moves to make those birth records accessible to adults who were adopted. Though Pennsylvania does not currently have any legislation pending that would allow adults adopted as children to access important medical information about their birth parents, if the trend continues across the country, it may soon find its way here, too. As it is, this kind of legislation certainly has both its supporters and its critics.

For the most part, adoptions are times of celebration. They are the joining of people to create a family, but that doesn’t mean they are without their challenges and problems, too. While some people may think that they are able to figure out adoption on their own, this comes with a great risk. If something is done incorrectly, there is always the possibility that the state may try to take a child away from the only parents he or she has known. Working with an adoption attorney can help reduce that risk.

Source: The Advocate, “Adoption battle ends in stalemate,” Michelle Millhollon, May 14, 2014