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Family Law – Know the issues that may come up

Family law dates as far back as the 1900s, though before the 20th century, it was the norm that after a woman gets married and they have been pronounced husband and wife, the right and ownership of the wife’s property will be transferred to her husband. In the 1970s, there was an evolution of family law which was initially based on European Feudalism.

Family law simply refers to the aspect of law that centers on family related issues; it also deals with marriages, civil unions and divorce cases. It was by end of 1987 that there were no fault divorces being recognized. Afterwards, states began to follow this trend, but some professional and traditional advocates were vehemently opposed because it technically reduced the level of tolerance among a majority of couples who preferred to go through the divorce process rather than settling personal issues between themselves. The law was changed gradually from the early 20th century. The law which usually granted solely female custody was changed to allow joint custody. Family laws vary from state to state. Each state has its own specific laws that governs family related issues.  In the event that a family related issue arises, then consulting a family law attorney is your best bet in terms of soliciting advocacy and litigation services.

Family related cases are very sensitive as they usually involve emotional instability and stress. As a result, the best way to resolve family related issues is hiring the services of a good family law attorney with the skills and experience to fully represent your interests.

Family law basically focuses on family related issues and domestic matters which include marriage, divorce, paternity, child and spousal support, child custody, adoption, long-term care for elderly parents, civil unions and other related matters. Divorce and Child custody cases are the most prominent cases that arise in family law.  For a divorce to be effective, it must be confirmed and certified by a competent court of law. Most divorce cases can be stressful to both parties involved and lead to expensive litigation in family law courts regarding issues such as child custody, spousal and child support and property division. Due to this fact, several diplomatic means like mediation and collaborative divorce are now being used today to resolve disputes between couples. There are times when a single family law attorney works with the parties involved reaching an agreement. In such case, he serves as a mediator and looks for the best means to resolving the issue.

Adoption constitutes a smaller, but highly notable aspect of family law.  In an adoption case, there are situations where the entire rights of the biological parents are terminated, while there are situations where only some of the rights are terminated.  These rights are then legally conferred on the adopting family. Attorneys involved in these kind of cases usually negotiate with the biological parents to reach a consensus among all parties involved.  Paternity is another aspect of family law that cannot be ignored. Paternity cases determine the biological parents of a child and establish these parents’ rights and responsibilities with regard to the child. Family law is constantly evolving and parties involved are advised to consult with a family law attorney to handle their family related cases.

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