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Divorcing With Integrity And Grace

There are going to be moments in the divorce process where you are going to be tempted to lose your cool. Whether you will desire to yell at your spouse, honk your car horn repeatedly at strangers or vent on social media, you will be tempted to vocalize your frustrations in less than productive ways. This is entirely normal. But simply because losing your cool while divorcing is normal does not mean that it is ideal.

Ideally, you will benefit from navigating your divorce process with integrity and grace. You will be able to process any negative emotions you associate with the process in healthy ways. This kind of ideal approach may seem impossible at first. Thankfully however, you are almost certainly far stronger than you give yourself credit for at your more vulnerable moments in time.

How do you go about navigating your divorce process with integrity and grace? First, prioritize self-care and self-respect. It is difficult to live with integrity and grace if your habits are unhealthy and if you are treating your body, your emotional process and your life with a low amount of respect.

Second, understand that your journey is your own and that others have their own personal journeys to navigate. It can be understandably easy to take the shortcomings of others personally when you are feeling vulnerable. But ultimately, their shortcomings are about their own approach, not yours. If you take your personal values seriously and try earnestly to live with integrity and grace, the response that others give you is not yours to own or take personally.

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Secrets to Divorcing Gracefully,” Tammy Letherer June 11, 2015

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