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Divorce An Alcoholic: Smart Tips

What is it like to divorce an alcoholic? What can a spouse expect when divorcing an alcoholic? The process involved with divorcing an alcoholic can be unpredictable. It is sometimes difficult to deal with an alcoholic and the process can vary from one individual to another.

Despite the fact that being married to an alcoholic can be extremely demanding physically, emotionally and financially, the level of tolerance differs in people. This piece elucidates on how to prepare when planning to divorce an alcoholic. There are procedures that ensure a smooth process with regards to divorcing an alcoholic. The procedures are subjected to a direct scrutiny by a divorce attorney with experience in handling divorce cases. It is imperative to consult with a divorce lawyer on the necessary steps to take when divorcing an alcoholic. They can provide legal advice and clarification where necessary. While some addicts are able to overcome alcohol addiction with self-discipline and determination, others must seek help from a reliable alcohol rehabilitation center to provide a long lasting solution to alcohol addiction, and others still find it difficult to overcome their addiction, regardless of the solution provided.

Divorcing an alcoholic with children 

There are those couples who were able to overcome their addiction and consider themselves “fortunate”; however, the same cannot be said of those who are still very much trapped in the world of addiction.

Divorcing an alcoholic can be more challenging especially when children are already involved in the union. This makes the entire process tedious and overwhelming because there is often an emotional tug of war between the desire to have the children see the other parent and the knowledge that the alcohol abusing parent may pose a threat to the kids.

One of the major priorities of a family law attorney is to focus on the children’s best interest. But the party filing the divorce might be confronted with a prolonged custody battle that will be time consuming and expensive. In a case where the accused party denies the allegations, it is imperative for your divorce attorney to provide strong evidence. It is quite easy to prove that an individual is an alcoholic or addict through past attempts at rehabilitation, medical records, witnesses to the alcohol abuse, admissions of the alcohol abuse – all these can be used to establish the fact that the spouse is an addict. The process can be made easier if the accused spouse admits to the problem and seeks help.

The major priority when it comes to divorcing an alcoholic is protecting the children’s interests as they must be well cared for until the alcoholic parent has undergone rehabilitation and is in good physical, mental and emotional shape to resume a healthy relationship with the family. Handling a divorce can be extremely challenging and overwhelming. It is therefore advisable to seek the services of an experienced divorce attorney to provide legal advice and help you get through the process without much ado.

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