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Despite Restrictions, Need For International Adoption Exists

There is probably no greater gift provided to children without parents than when prospective parents formally adopt them. This is especially true when speaking of international adoption matters. Unfortunately, international adoption has decreased dramatically in recent years.

The rate of international adoptions reportedly has decreased by 70 percent since 2004. This has resulted in the closing of certain prominent adoption programs – including one located in Pennsylvania. It appears this reduction is in large part due to more restrictive adoption policies across the world. These include restrictions in South Korea, China and Romania. The United States also agreed to The Hague Adoption Convention treaty requiring more stringent oversight on those conducting international adoptions.

Certain parts of the restrictions are understandable. There have been allegations of corruption concerning international adoptions resulting in some cases in the selling of babies or in kidnappings. Unfortunately, such restrictions have resulted in extremely long waiting periods for adoptions to occur as well. Yet with such restrictions in place, the need for qualified loving and caring parents for these children is greater than ever.

Though the process is more difficult than it was at one time, there are rewards for being patient. The benefits of international adoption sometimes have led to saving children from otherwise intolerable conditions. International adoption allows children from war-torn countries to immigrate to the U.S. It allows these children to receive an education they may never have been able to receive in their native country.

Attorneys understanding family law and international adoption practices often can make the process much easier. They can work with adoption agencies and provide advice and consultation on the right process to pursue.

Source: Philly.com, “Era ending in international adoption,” Ben Finley, Nov. 16, 2014

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