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5 Unexpected Reasons You Should Hire A Divorce Attorney

Divorce has become a much more common occurrence today than it was in the past but that doesn’t make the process any less complicated for those who are going through it.  Some couples fail to see the necessity of hiring a divorce lawyer, either because neither of them is contesting the divorce or they don’t want to spend money on services they don’t think they need.  Many feel that the legal system will determine the important issues, such as division of assets, and that legal representation really won’t change the outcome.  Below are some unexpected reasons that not hiring a divorce attorney could be a mistake.

  1. “If” “And” “Or” and “But” 

Although the laws pertaining to divorce may seem black and white from a distance, they are actually very complex.  There are many conditions and exceptions that can impact the final decision of the court.  For example, many couples assume that their marital assets will be divided equally between both spouses.  But in the state of Pennsylvania, a number of factors are taken into consideration such as “if” one spouse received property as a gift “Or” one spouse used non-marital assets to purchase a home.  While the previous circumstance may mean the gift belongs to the spouse who received it, the latter may result in the home becoming marital property that will be divided.

  1. You Aren’t Your Friend, Cousin, Coworker, Etc… 

You may know other people who have handled their own divorces without a divorce lawyer and who are perfectly content with their settlement.  The problem with following their example is that your situation and your needs aren’t the same.  An experienced divorce attorney can give you advice based on your specific circumstances and inform you of rights that you may not realize you have.

  1. Attitudes Can Change 

The two of you have come to an agreement that it is time to dissolve your marriage and move on.  You start the process and halfway through, an issue pops up that you thought you agreed on but which you now find you have differing opinions about.  Now that there is a controversy, you don’t know what your rights are in relation to the particular issue or what to do to resolve it.  Even the most amicable divorce can turn controversial in an instant.  Hiring a divorce lawyer at the beginning of the process will prevent you from being caught off-guard and failing to get the outcome you deserve just because you didn’t know what they were.

  1. Avoid Irreversible Mistakes 

Sometimes it isn’t what you say or do when going through a divorce; it’s what you fail to say or do! Once a decision has been made, it can be difficult to impossible to get it changed.  Don’t risk getting an outcome that isn’t fair to you.

  1. To Save Money 

These are just some of the reasons that every person going through a divorce should hire a divorce lawyer to represent them and to give them advice.  Trying to go through the divorce alone as a means to save money could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

An experienced divorce lawyer is one of the most valuable assets you will have during your divorce case.  Call (717) 591-1755 or 888-743-4470 to learn more about the experienced services from the Law Offices of Peter J.  Russo.

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