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I can not say enough great things about this law firm. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, professional and above all else ...

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Peter Russo and the staff at his firm have handled my personal and professional business for almost a decade. His ...

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Peter is extremely knowledgeable and aggressive, yet even-tempered. He is professional, diligent, and compassionate, and responsive to his clients\' ...

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WERE BACK !! First and foremost Peter has a sense of humor. Peter was efficient and effective and on point when ...

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Kara Haggerty was an amazing attorney. She handled my highly toxic divorce with aplomb, carefully and skillfully. Megan was also ...

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Peter is an excellent attorney! He is caring and effective in his representations.

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How to save money in the divorce process

When considering a divorce, many Pennsylvania couples believe it will be an expensive undertaking. If a couple has decided that parting ways is the best solution for happiness, there are some things they can do to keep the divorce costs down. One of the first and most important steps spouses can take is to select affordable legal counsel to represent them.

Divorcing spouses can save money on legal fees by remaining on amicable terms with each other. For instance, if a couple is able to sit down together to discuss property distribution, they will not have to pay an attorney for that time. After working out the basics of an agreement, the couple can then have a much shorter meeting with an attorney to finalize it.

Another important way spouses can cut costs during a divorce is to be honest about all of their income and assets. Failing to report income accurately or concealing assets can result in a judge imposing heavy fines. Couples should also remember to close all jointly held credit card accounts as soon as a divorce is in the works.

Although a divorcing couple may have the best of intentions, not all financial discussions can remain amicable. When there are disputes over asset division, both spouses may wish to be represented by an attorney. A divorce attorney may be able to help keep costs down and save time by helping the divorcing couple draw up legal agreements outside of a courtroom. If the couple is having a difficult time communicating, an attorney may also provide help with mediation.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Ways to Cut Costs During a Divorce“, Elliot Grey, October 27, 2013