Child Custody Considerations in Mediation

Mediators can help parents effectively resolve a variety of issues related to child custody in mediation. Through the careful guidance of a professional mediator, parents may be able to resolve the following issues:

Parenting Time

The parents may be able to consider the child’s needs and their own needs when arranging for parenting time. The parents may consider their work schedules and how they can balance parenting time with their other responsibilities. When parents are able to work together, it is more likely that both parents can have meaningful time and contact with their children.

Decisions Regarding Children

Child custody mediation can be used when there is one topic that the parents cannot agree on. For example, the parents may disagree about where the child should go to school, whether to receive a certain medical treatment or which religion he or she should be brought up in. This type of mediation may be a result of the parents having joint custody where they both have the same right to make decisions about their children.

Child Support

While child support is treated as a separate issue to child custody, parents who can agree to custody arrangements together may also be able to tailor child support to the particular needs of the family.

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Implement Divorce Mediation after Filing during Divorce Month


January is informally known as “divorce month” due to the higher number of divorce filings during the month. Many couples start out the new year wanting a fresh start and may want to let go of a marriage that isn’t working out. They may have stuck it out for the holidays so that they could have an intact family during these celebratory times but are ready to let go of the façade in January. After a divorce filing in January, many couples can turn to mediation in February to help them sort out issues in their divorce.

Divorce mediation allows parties to exit their marriages with dignity. Mediation can help parties sort out issues such as child custody, child support, property division and spousal support. The goal of mediation is to help the parties communicate in a respectful manner while working toward a compromise that satisfies all members of the family. Mediators are skilled at helping parties communicate in a more effective manner and talking to parties in a way that gets them to realize the risks involved in continued litigation and the benefits in resolving the case on their own terms.

Work/Life Balance

German Trade Union Succeeds in Brokering Deal for Better Work/Life Balance


A German trade union that represents metal and engineering workers just made a deal that will provide a better work/life balance for almost a million workers and may ultimately affect nearly four million workers. The workers will now be able to opt for a reduced work week of 28 hours for up to two years to tend to their families. In Germany, the standard work week is 35 hours. As part of the deal, the employers are now able to offer 40-hour work weeks to those employees who are willing to work longer hours.

Industry experts believe that the deal could affect other workers and industries, including those in chemical, telecoms and construction injuries. The deal is also seen as a reflection of the values of a younger workforce who may have times that they want to work fewer hours to tend to other responsibilities, including childcare or caring for an elderly relative.


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Exercise Tips to Maintain Your Routine During the Winter


With cold weather outdoors, it can be difficult to maintain your exercise routine. However, these tips can help you stay on track.

Head Outdoors

The cold air can actually make your workouts more efficient. A 30-minute moderate walk on an even surface results in the burning of 106 calories for an average-sized woman. However, when walking in snow for the same amount of time, the burn is for 256 calories. Take proper precautions like dressing warmly, staying hydrated and taking shorter strides if you are getting tired.

Exercise Indoors

If you simply cannot motivate yourself to go outside or a blizzard is in the forecast, substitute with some indoor routines. You can perform simple exercises during commercial breaks while catching up on your favorite shows, such as repetitions of push-ups, crunches, squats, high knees or jumping jacks.


Recent Stories of Dumb Thieves

A group of thieves broke into a Florida home, thinking they scored big time when they found three jars of a powdery substance they believe to be cocaine. They snorted up the contents. Only then did they realize that they were actually urns and they were snorting the remains of the homeowner’s husband and two dogs.

Police were questioning a 12-year-old boy about an iPhone that he was suspected of stealing. He ferociously denied having any involvement in the crime when a ring suddenly was heard in his closet. He finally admitted to the theft. He was then asked about a Blackberry that he was also suspected of stealing. He maintained his denials. And then another ring interrupted the conversation.

A Beavercreek, Ohio bank robber suddenly fainted in the middle of a bank heist. He called 911 and asked for an ambulance. After hanging up with the 911 operator, he proceeded to hand the bank teller a note, demanding all her cash.

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