How Recently Effective New Laws in Pennsylvania Can Impact upon Your Existing General Partnership, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company

In a prior newsletter, I discussed Pennsylvania’s new Legislation, called ACT 170, that made sweeping changes to existing law for General Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies. In that prior newsletter, I explained that Act 170 took effect in two stages: (1) February 21, 2017, for all general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies formed on or after February 21, 2017; and (2) April 1, 2017, for all general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies formed before February 21, 2017.

Now that ACT 170 is effective for ALL of these various business forms, irrespective of when the entity was formed, I want to highlight some of the more important changes that ACT 170 can have on your existing business. First, for General Partnerships, Act 170amends the definition of “general partner” to make clear that it is an “entity” as compared to a combination of individuals (thereby making it easier to transfer real estate) and it also eliminates the automatic dissolution rules that applied previously when a partner left or “disassociated from”the partnership and it further provides that partners have duties of care and loyalty to address breaches of fiduciary responsibilities by partners. For Limited Partnerships, the Act creates a set of rules, separate and distinct from general partnership law, and it removes the right of a limited partner to disassociate from a partnership before the termination of the partnership (with some limited exceptions) and it also reduces the vote needed to dissolve a limited partnership..
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Benefits of Using Mediation to Handle Employment Disputes


Sometimes employment disputes will make big news, especially when egregious conduct is alleged, such as sexual harassment in the workplace. Participating in mediation can provide significant benefits to both employees and employers, including:

Less Publicity

Courtroom litigation is public by nature. The case may be in the news. The employee may be subjected to an open courtroom where he or she has to explain the atrocities committed against him or her. Many victims relay having to be victimized twice: once in the act and second in the rehashing in a public forum. Mediation allows the parties to meet in private where anything they say is kept confidential.

Creative Solutions

Mediation allows the parties to work together toward a mutually-agreeable solution. Often the solutions that parties can devise during mediation are much better and more creative than a judge may order. The parties may agree to continue the employment relationship but to make certain modifications. They may agree to reassignment or a severance package. They may agree that it is best to part ways but that the employee can leave with a favorable reference letter. The parties can virtually agree to anything to resolve the dispute so long as it is legal.

Work/Life Balance

Making Time for You


While many people are saddled with work and family obligations and find it difficult to maintain these responsibilities, it is important to make time for fun, especially hobbies. Hobbies provide the following essential benefits:


When engaging in hobbies, you get to focus on the task at hand. This allows you to disconnect from all of the clutter and worries that are associated with other aspects of your life. Hobbies help to counteract the stress and exhaustion that often come with other life responsibilities, replacing these characteristics with pleasure.


Hobbies also allow us to learn about what we like and dislike. Additionally, they allow us to learn more about us, including our strengths and weaknesses. People who take up a hobby are likely to enjoy it because they will not want to pursue an activity that is boring when this is the activity that they pick in their spare time. Hobbies can help people discover a whole new part of them and unleash unknown talents.


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Quick Tips to Decrease Stress


The downside of stress is well-known. Stress can damage the brain and the rest of your body. Additionally, stress can make us more susceptible to a number of illnesses. Some methods to combat stress include:

Breathe In, Breathe Out
Breathing from your diaphragm helps you relax. Put your hand on your abdomen right below the navel and inhale slowly while watching your hand move as your stomach expands. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale for maximum effect.

Get a Massage
You don’t have to shell out big bucks for this one. Simply massage the palm of your hand through circular motions with the thumb of your other hand for a quick relaxation tool.

If you are feeling stressed out, take a few minutes to write down what is causing you concern. Having this information in clear terms in front of you can often make the process of tackling the problems seem much easier.


Woman’s Meth Comes from Unusual Place

A Florida woman’s reactions to a recent routine traffic stop were insensible from beginning to end. When she was stopped for a simple violation of not wearing a seat belt and was asked for her id, rather than handing it over, she bolted out of her vehicle! This could have been because the woman gave a fake name . . . to a deputy who had previously dealt with her and recognized her. She had also said her id was in her grandmother’s house, but that was also a lie. While running, she tried to explain her actions by declaring, “I have to poop and I’m pregnant.” The final topper: after finding meth concealed in the woman’s bra, she said she had purchased it at a yard sale down the street. Rather than walking away with just a no seat belt charge, the woman now faces possession, giving a false name while detained, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license charges.

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