Easing Child’s Angst During Divorce

Divorcing parents often feel guilty about how their child will be affected by divorce. Fortunately, there are many things that a parent can do to make the divorce process easier on the child, such as:

Keep the Child out of the Middle

Parents can agree early on not to allow their conflict to affect their child. Parents should never speak negatively about the other parent in front of the child. Additionally, they should not put the child in the middle by asking him or her to deliver messages or by grilling the child about what goes on in the other household.

Maintain Stability

As much as possible, the parents should try to maintain the status quo. If dad always takes his daughter to softball practice, this tradition should continue if possible. If the holidays are spent a certain way, maintaining these rituals immediately after divorce can help the child feel better balanced.

Get Help

The demands on a parent may be more than he or she is capable of handling without assistance. A family therapist may be necessary to help a child through this difficult time. Parents and the child may need to participate together to learn new ways to communicate. A child custody evaluator may be necessary to consider what would be best for the child. A family law lawyer can help explain the parent’s rights to him or her during this transitional period.


Can I legally possess a firearm in Pennsylvania?


The balance between the protections provided under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution to bear arms and the need for effective gun control is a debate that has been going on since before the Second Amendment was even ratified. Gun control laws have been enacted in every state in the United States and are not going away anytime soon. Therefore, it is important to know how these laws affect you.

First, it is important to know what is the “firearm” means. As defined in Pennsylvania, a firearm includes any weapon which is designed to or may readily be converted to expel any projectile by the action of an explosive or the frame or receiver of any such weapon (18 Pa. C.S. §6105(i)). This definition includes not only handguns, but also rifles and shotguns.

Who is a person not to possess a firearm in Pennsylvania? There are several things that can disqualify a person from owning/possessing a firearm. Pennsylvania’s Uniform Firearms Act, 18 Pa. C.S. §6105, lists the things that can disqualify a person from possessing a firearm... Continue Reading

Work/Life Balance

Staying Organized with Mobile Calendars


With your busy life, having a mobile calendar is an absolute must. Some options to consider include:

  • SolCalendar – This Android calendar features a monthly view and agenda along with plenty of extras such as weather reports and sticker packs. The app also syncs with Google tasks, allowing users to create new lists easily.
  • Cal – This app includes colorful backgrounds to brighten your day while also having plenty of function packed in. The default screen is on the day’s agenda which lists all tasks and events in chronological order.
  • Tempo – This iOS option syncs with your calendars as well as with your email so that relevant conversations can be used to incorporate events. It is also simple to use and add new events to with its natural language processing feature.


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Simple Hacks to Slash 200+ Calories a Day


Dieting does not have to be torture. Skipping just one treat a day or making a healthier swap can easily shave off unnecessary calories. Some easy swaps include:

Try Thin Bagels

Opt for a 110-calorie thin bagel over the 350-calorie option at your local deli.

Skip Happy Hour

That margarita might cost you about 800 calories.

Drink Black Coffee

You don’t have to ditch your morning brew, but opting for the black option can easily save you 220 calories in comparison to a morning latte.

Drink Lemon Water

If you are craving a soft drink, switch to water with lemon and a bit of sweetener. Swapping three drinks saves you an impressive 500 calories.

Eat Trail Mix

Swap out popcorn for trail mix when you need something to munch on to save another 665 calories in some cases.


Humorous Termination Stories

An administrative assistant had spent months looking for a new position when she was finally awarded. She dutifully put in her two-week notice and then received a call from the new company that said that they were going to rescind the offer after they reevaluated their financial situation. Since her current boss was tied up in meetings all day, she didn’t get a chance to tell her about the change and to ask to keep her job. The boss mentioned the assistant’s pending departure during a company staff meeting when she meekly admitted to needing to stay put. The boss told her she had two months to find a new job.

Another company fired a woman after she and her husband just bought a house and had their first child. Then they fired her husband because they assumed he would be mad about his wife’s termination. During an interview, the hiring manager asked the applicant the typical “who would you want to meet – living or dead – if you could” question and the applicant responded “the living one.”

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