Financially Thriving After a Divorce

When a divorce is impending, it is easy to get caught up with the emotional aspect of the case. However, while emotional wounds may heal, the devastating financial effects of a divorce can live on for years to come. During this time, it is critical to make important decisions and pivotal moves when it comes to finances.

One way to provide clarity during a time when your judgment may be cloudy is to write things down. Write a realistic post-divorce budget that takes into consideration new expenses, different incomes and different goals than you had before. Write down the goals that you have for your finances after divorce. This process helps provide clarity when you need it most. When listing goals, be realistic but also be honest with yourself. Think about what you really want and if it is possible to get it out of divorce. Once you are informed about your own motivations, you can take steps to accomplish these goals.

Another important consideration during the divorce process is your cash flow. Carefully examine how your income is currently being used and assess ways to improve these functions when you will not be able to depend on a second income or person to help take care of things that may now need to be hired out. When these things are factored in, you can then tackle the idea of the type of lifestyle that you want post-divorce and how much you can save to make it a reality.

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Fighting for Custody - Helpful Facts on Child Support

One of the subjects that knock several thousands of families off balance the world all over is child support. Whether you are a parent paying child support or one who should be receiving child support, there are some things you need to know about child support and how it affects the entire family

Why child support?

Child support is typically given to the parent who has been awarded primary custody in a custody case. The parent without primary custody, on the other hand, is expected to provide regular payment to the parent with primary custody of the kids. This is to help meet the daily expenses of parenting including feeding, clothing, education, shelter and many more. Parents are saddled with the responsibility of providing a safe and secure environment for their kids. Read More

work/life balance
Making a Home Office that Will Actually Work

Many people are able to achieve work/life balance by working from home out of a home office. However, this is not a simple task. Follow these steps to make an office that will actually work for you.

Choose a Spot Carefully

It is important that you choose a spot in the home that is comfortable and conducive to work. It cannot be a space that is in the heart of the home where you are likely to be interrupted every few minutes. It also cannot be so comfortable that it impedes work. Consider using the spare bedroom, basement or attic to carve out a space that is fit for your needs.

Establish Boundaries

 Honor your work time just like you would if you worked out of the home. Set work hours when you will be in the office and where you cannot be disturbed. Keep your work papers and other supplies in your work space so that they are easy to find and so you delineate your work life from your home life.

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Brain Health Tips

Your brain is one of your body’s most important organs. Keep it healthy by doing the following:

Eat Brain Food

Foods high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids improve brain function, support memory and make you more mentally alert. Avocados, blueberries, salmon and nuts are a few foods rich in these essentials.

Make Your Brain Work Out

When fulfilling your fitness regimen, don’t forget about exercising your brain muscle. Your brain needs regular exercise and challenges just like the rest of your body. Read a book, learn a new skill, take a new class or complete a crossword puzzle to get your exercise going.

Improve Memory

There are simple ways that you can improve your memory without having to overdo the brain work. This can be accomplished by associating “w” questions with something, such as who did the thing you are wondering about or when something occurred.


At the end of a promising job interview, the Human Resources Manager asks a young accountant who just acquired his MBA from the local university, “What starting salary are you looking for?” The accountant replied, “Somewhere around $150,000 a year or so, depending on the benefits.” The manager quickly responds, “Well, what would you say to a benefits package that include six weeks’ vacation, 20 paid holidays, full medical, dental and vision insurance, company matching retirement fund up to 75% and a company car leased every year and a new company phone?” The accountant quickly gasps and exclaims, “Wow! Are you kidding me?” The manager replies, “Yeah, but you started it.”

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