Resolving Family Conflict through Mediation

Family disputes such as the decision to separate, deciding how to divide property, creating a parenting plan or dealing with a new problem can often benefit from tapping into the process of mediation. Some ways to minimize conflict during mediation include:

Address the Problem, Not the People

Don’t attack the person. Instead, focus on how the underlying problems can be resolved. If a case involves a parenting plan, look at the other parent as a conduit to accomplish what you would like to with the plan rather than viewing him or her as an enemy. Avoid any personal attacks or blaming language.

Focus on the Interests

Rather than seeing things as “you” and “I,” look at the overall objective that you are hoping to accomplish. It is likely that you will need to concede on some issues. However, these concessions may be worth it if you can get things that you want from the process. Keep your eye on these goals.

Keep Communicating

One of the greatest benefits of mediation is the opportunity that it gives the parties to truly express their feelings and beliefs. Ongoing dialogue can help the parties understand each other better and demonstrate empathy.

When Is The Right Time To See A Family Law Attorney?

Every young and unmarried individual is looking forward to getting married someday. Millions of couples nowadays find it difficult living peacefully together and as a family. This makes them file for a divorce. If you are one of those faced with the possibility of a divorce or custody issue, you should consider consulting with a family law attorney. Family law attorney not only save you money but may also save you from problems that may arise in the future. Here are some of the reasons why seeing a family law attorney should be your number one priority. Read More...

work/life balance
How Office Cultures Can Help the Goal

The office culture has a direct impact on whether employees can achieve work flexibility and a strong work/life balance. Some ways to foster such a work environment include:

Have Managers Model

Employees look to their supervisors to see how to behave. If a supervisor is hesitant about using flex time, employees may be, too. Have supervisors model positive actions, including working certain days from a home office each week and show how technology can keep the group together.

Discuss the Positives

Let employees know that their flex time offers a number of important benefits. A media campaign to this effect can help highlight the employer’s interest behind this pursuit. Positive benefits of a flexible work environment include increased employee loyalty, decreased turnover and increased productivity.

Have a Clear Policy

Be sure that the flex policy is clearly explained and laid out in any employee handbook to show the official nature of the policy.

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Winter Weather Exercise Tips

As the temperature starts to drop, it is still important for you to keep up your exercise regimen. However, you may need to take some extra precautions to stay safe such as:

Dress in Layers

Avoid overdressing. While you may be cold, dressing too warmly while exercising can increase your heat too much. To be more comfortable, you can dress in layers so that you can add a layer when you feel cold or strip one away if you start to feel overheated. Wool or fleece can help insulate you. However, consider a breathable outer layer.

Protect Your Extremity Areas

Cover your head, ears, feet and hands well since these areas tend to have a less concentrated amount of blood compared to other

Drink Liquids

Some people only think about the possibility of dehydration during hot weather. However, people can still become dehydrated during cold weather times, so be sure you get plenty of liquids.


Real Resume Responses

When employees have to describe their spotty employment histories on their resume, they often must be very creative. Some real responses regarding resume questions about severing employment with previous employers included:

  • The company made me its scapegoat – just like the three employers that I had before it did.
  • I could not work under the conditions. My employer required me to be to work by 8:45 a.m. and I couldn’t deal.
  • Responsibility makes me nervous.
  • Please don’t misconstrue the fourteen jobs that I had as job-hopping; I never quit a job.
  • I needed my weekends to chill with the boys.

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