Divorce is Emotional, But You Can Help Your Children Cope

Divorce is hard on the entire family.  The parents are not the only ones who suffer during the process.  Children have a hard time with family change as well.  Children are best able to cope with divorce when their parents are attentive to what they need.  Parents should work together to ensure that both are active participant’s in their life.  You have the opportunity to set the stage for how your children will deal with the process from the moment you tell your children you are getting divorce on.  It doesn’t matter what stage of the process you are in; the following tips will help you help your children through the process.

The most important thing that you can do for your kids is to provide them with the physical and emotional support they need.  You should be someone your kids can trust and can come talk to.  Make sure that you are honest when you respond to their questions, but be careful not to give them details that are either inappropriate or your children are not capable of handling at the moment.  Make an agreement with the other parent that both of you will not say anything negative about the other parent.  Even if the other parent breaks this agreement, children are smart and they will realize you are not the one talking negatively about the other parent. 

You need to make sure that your children are allowed to express their feelings about the divorce.  They may be reluctant at first, and you should not take this personally at all.  This could be because they are afraid of upsetting or hurting you more than you are already hurt.  Instead of getting upset, comfort your children, have an open mind, and reassure them that you are there and that they can come to you with any questions or concerns they may have.  You also have to remember each of your children is different, and it will take each a different amount of time to process what is happening.  You should also be patient, because each child will handle the divorce in a different way.

Even though your children are going through a hard time, and it’s tough to be strict when something this drastic is happening, you cannot stop parenting.  Make sure that expectations, boundaries, and discipline remains in place.  You need to make sure that you are consistent in your parenting techniques, because this will tell your children that their parents can handle these changes.  You need to make sure that you work with the other parent and co-parent your children.  You have to put your differences aside, realize it’s going to take time to set aside your differences and establish a co-parenting relationship that works, and keep your children always at the top of your importance list.  When co-parenting is done correctly, it can ease children’s anxiety as every other aspect of their life is beginning to change.

Finally, make sure you have a support network in place.  You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your children.  You need to process and deal with your emotions so that you can handle your children’s emotions.  Even if you just need to find a sitter every now and then to go out with a friend for lunch, you need this time to process.  If you can cope well, you will be better able to assist your children.  This means that they will cope better as well.

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The Move Toward Collaborative Law


Collaborative law is a process that gets two parties that are in the middle of a legal dispute to work together to resolve their legal problem on their own terms. The participants can bring in third parties to assist with the process, including lawyers, financial specialists and family evaluators to help them resolve their legal issue in an amicable fashion. Many people are moving toward collaborative law in order to experience the following benefits:

Greater Control

Once a case goes in front of a judge, the parties have handed over their power to someone else who is not familiar with their family dynamics, their needs or interests. Collaborative law participants can help shape their settlement in the ways the desire.

More Positive

Rather than fighting out every battle, the participants approach each other with respect and consideration. Collaborative law tends to be less stressful and helps to lay the groundwork for a positive future and co-parenting relationship.

Better Results

Litigated cases tend to end in similar ways with similar court orders. In collaborative law cases, the parties can customize a divorce settlement that is aligned with their needs and interests. They can walk away with a unique solution that provides ample details to aid in clarity and specifying how future interactions will occur.

work/life balance

How to Get More Time in a Day

There is an easy solution to achieve a better work/life balance: get more time out of every day. This can be accomplished by adopting a few new strategies into your time management system:

Plan Meals

Avoid unhealthy fast food and discovering that you don’t have the necessary ingredients until you are in the middle of the meal by planning your meals ahead of time. Write out a list ahead of schedule and keep family favorite recipes on rotation and the ingredients stocked so that you always have a go-to meal. Use an app to help streamline your menu and share with family members.

Clean as You Go

Enjoy your weekends again by cutting down on the number of chores you do at the end of the week. Squeeze small chores into the other days of the week by doing them in conjunction with other activities, such as cleaning the shower while you are taking a shower in the morning or going shopping during your lunch hour.

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy


Some of the best ways to stay healthy only take a few seconds. Some quick health tips your kids should follow are:

  • Buckle up, every time.
  • Eat a good breakfast.
  • Try a new food once in a while.
  • Wear a helmet if playing on anything with wheels and during sports.
  • Wear sunscreen when you go outdoors.
  • Sing a song while washing your hands.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Play for at least an hour a day.
  • Avoid smoke.
  • Brush and floss every day with fluoride to prevent tooth decay.
  • Get a flu vaccine each flu season.
  • Follow a good example.

Techy Humor

Customer calls into Tech support.  She kept rebooting her computer, but her problem was not resolved.  After 15 minutes on the phone, the tech had a thought.  “Ma’am, are you powering down the tower, or the monitor?” 

“Ooohhh, I’m so sorry.”

Tech agent went out to service a lady’s computer.  She couldn’t get her internet to work.  After looking in the office at the cords, he discovered the master power strip plugged into itself.  “Miss, why is your power strip plugged into itself?” 

“So it can power itself.”

“Miss, the power strip needs power from the outlet on the wall to give power to the other machines.”


During a busy day, a middle-aged man stormed into the tech support office.  “My wireless router is not working!”

“I’m very sorry sir.  Did you plug it in and connect your computer as the directions said?”

“Why would I need to plug in a wireless router?”

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