Use Divorce to Become a Better Parent

Many people tend to focus on the negatives of divorce: the loss of companionship, less income to support the household, changes that will be necessary, etc. However, divorce can have surprising benefits, especially on the way that parents learn how to relate to each other as partners in their children’s development.

Ample research shows that parents who have a lot of conflict between them are more likely to have children who have problems adjusting to life after divorce. Being good co-parents can create a healthier environment for children.

Parents can start out on the right foot by using collaborative divorce or mediation to establish ground rules about their children. Parents can determine important factors that will affect their children’s life by carefully contemplating and discussing different options. Some decisions include:

•    Where will the children live?
•    How much time will be allotted to each parent?
•    How will decisions about the children be made?
•    How should disagreements be handled?

Parents who were not as involved while married can become more hands-on. They can also take the time to consider these important decisions. With the marriage no longer a factor, the parents can focus on the needs of their children. Mediation and collaborative divorce often help parents establish agreements that provide a more equitable amount of time with the children, as well as customized agreements that are particularly suited to the family’s needs.

Dangers of Using Online Legal Services

By Kacy A. Clouser

Sure, any law firm you go to is going to tell you “Don’t use an online legal service”, but rarely will they tell you why.  Yes, online legal services are cheap, and yes, most of the time the website won’t make you get into the nitty gritty.  They won’t force you to talk about the sensitive subjects, and merely hit the bare necessities.  But no, this isn’t the jungle book.  The bare necessities aren’t enough to put you into a secure position in the documents you have drafted.  Whether you have a will or a limited liability company document, the results of the bare necessities can be detrimental to the goal you originally had. Read more...


9 Things to Consider if You are Purchasing a New Home

by Ashley R. Malcolm

Purchasing a new home can be an exciting time in one’s life, but at the same time it can be very overwhelming.  Where do you start? How do you get a mortgage? How much should you put down? While different factors can affect your transaction a few steps are very common for homebuyers.

  1. Determine your readiness.  Sit down and figure out how much you are able to afford.  Create a budget that includes your mortgage, utility bills, other bills, i.e. Car insurance, car loan, etc.  Also, decide how much you are able to put down. Using online mortgage calculators are helpful in getting an idea of how much of a house you can afford.  Keep in mind that you will want to make sure you have some extra money just in case something breaks or needs to be fixed. At this time also make a list of what kind of house you would like. What things are a must? Do you have a preference on school district, taxes, or neighborhood? You can start looking on sites like Zillow or Truilia to get an idea of what you would like in your house. Read more...
work/life balance

Save an Hour a Day

If only there was more time in a day. We’ve all had that thought. While you can’t make each day 25 hours long, there are ways to use your time more effectively to scrape together that extra time you crave for. Some possible solutions include:

  • Map out your errands before embarking
  • Take a speed-reading class so that you can get through material faster
  • Schedule app or social media time and don’t use it outside these windows
  • Set deadlines with electronic notifications to keep you on task
  • Avoid activities that do not help your career or otherwise advance your goals for the future
  • Schedule one hour a day for client calls and emails and stick to this schedule religiously
  • Delegate tasks to a spouse, child, babysitter or errand runner that you do not really have to do yourself
  • At the end of the day, create a to-do list for tomorrow so that you start off organized.
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Go to Bed or Pay the Price


We’ve all heard that sleep is important. However, we continue to cut corners, drink coffee, use energy drinks and take part in other activities that help us mask the problems associated with lack of sleep. By not getting the sleep you need, you may face some serious health consequences.

Sleep assists brain function. The brain is a massively-overworked organ that needs time to rest. While you sleep, the brain forms new pathways that assist you in learning and remembering. Individuals who have sleep deficiency have difficulty in making decisions, solving problems and handling emotions. Sleep deficiency increases the risk of obesity and affects how the body balances hormones and reacts to insulin.

Individuals who are sleep-deprived are more likely to make mistakes at work. They are also more likely to be injured in a work-related accident or car accident.


A psychologist enters a patient’s room one day to find a male patient in the corner with a lampshade on his head and a female patient building a house out of building blocks.

He walks to the female patient and asks her what she is doing. “Obviously I’m building my home from scratch. Can’t you tell?”

He then walks over to the man in the corner. He asks the man what he thinks the woman is doing. “Oh her. She’s a bit nuts. She thinks she’s a lamp. She’s going to hang herself upside down from the ceiling in a few minutes.”

Slightly worried, the psychologist returns to the woman and asks her regarding the man in the corner. “Why would I have a man in my room? Now excuse me while I hang that lamp in the corner from the ceiling. I need more light in on the top so I can build my roof.”

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