Will Collaborative Divorce Work for Me?

Collaborative divorce is the antithesis of a traditional divorce that is battled out in court. It focuses on the spouses sharing information and fairly negotiating the terms of their divorce agreement while having professional assistance. The spouses each meet with their attorneys privately as well as together in joint meetings. Other professionals may be used during this process, such as child custody specialists, accountants, counselors or other professionals. The role of the attorney is to support the client in the collaborative effort. If a settlement is not reached, the attorneys must usually withdraw from the case for a contested case to move forward.

The collaborative divorce process assists divorcing couples in a number of key ways, including minimizing contention, keeping communication open, stabilizing things enough to establish temporary orders, streamlining the process and minimizing expenses by having less court involvement. Ultimately, collaborative divorce can significantly save time and money while also allowing the parties to forge a better relationship moving forward. Whether this process will work for a particular person depends on the nature of the relationship and the willingness of the parties to fully cooperate with each other and be reasonable throughout the process.

Family Law - Know the Issues that may Come Up

Family law dates as far back as the 1900s, though before the 20th century, it was the norm that after a woman gets married and they have been pronounced husband and wife, the right and ownership of the wife’s property will be transferred to her husband. In the 1970s, there was an evolution of family law which was initially based on European Feudalism.

Family law simply refers to the aspect of law that centers on family related issues; it also deals with marriages, civil unions and divorce cases. It was by end of 1987 that there were no fault divorces being recognized. Read More...

work/life balance
Three Tips to Achieving Work/Life Balance

Try these simple tips to help you gravitate toward a better work/life balance:

1. Schedule Downtime

With so many actual obligations, you may feel guilty by scheduling fun activities. However, it is important to make time for date nights, activities with friends or just a bubble bath so that you can recharge. These activities give you something to look forward to and motivate you.

2. Plan for Exercise

With a daunting to-do list, it’s easy to push exercise off for next week. However, exercise is associated with many positive health benefits, including boosting your energy level and helping you maintain concentration.

3. Review Your Activities

Look over your to-do list and see which activities that you can drop that are simply wasting your time and not bringing any joy to your life. Drop those activities that do not enhance your life professionally or personally.

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Staying Active in the Winter

When it’s cold outside, it’s easy to decide not to trek out to the gym or to stay in the cozy indoors. However, for a fitness routine to be most effective, it must be consistent – even when it’s cold out. Try these ways to stay active this season:

  • Walk it off – After big holiday meals, a walk can provide greater comfort. Walking is a good cardio activity that can be adapted to your own needs.
  • Do winter sports – Winter activities like ice skating, skiing and snowboarding are lots of fun and good for your health, too.
  • Be an active viewer – Catch up on shows you missed while exercising in place by doing jumping jacks or jogging in place.
  • Go play – Take advantage of the first snowfall and go outside and play in the snow with your partner, pet or kids. You’ll have a blast while also burning off calories.

Two Cases when Goldilocks Wasn’t Found in the Bed

In November 2014, a man in Austin was seen in security footage taking 20 minutes to break down a door in a local store. He grabbed some sausages from the cooler and then headed to the office in the store. The 20-minute attempt must have worn him out because the criminal pulled over a warm coat that he found there and fell asleep at a desk. He woke up to police charging him for trespassing.

In another story, a pastor returned home from church on a Sunday morning to see his door forced open. Police instructed him to take pictures to use as evidence. After gathering a few more pastors at the church for help, the group stumbled back into the home to find the burglar partially nude and sleeping cozily in the pastor’s bed. According to the criminal’s own words, he had robbed the home twice but got tired after smoking some pot.

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