Ignition Interlock for First Time DUI Offenders by David Dagle


DUI arrests have been on the increase in Pennsylvania.  In 2015 there were over 50,000 DUI arrests across the state.  This is based on the arrest records of every law enforcement agency in Pennsylvania which includes municipal, city and state police departments.  The Pennsylvania State Police alone saw over a 6% increase in DUI arrests from 2014.  In 2015 the Pennsylvania State Police accounted for nearly 19,000 DUI arrests.  According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) DUI related crashes have also been on the rise in the last few years.  There were approximately 18,000 DUI related crashes in Pennsylvania in 2015.  Over 300 of those resulting in fatalities.

In May of 2016 Governor Wolf signed into law a requiring first time DUI offenders to use ignition interlock devices in their vehicles.  With the new law Pennsylvania becomes one of the last states to require some form of ignition interlock for first time offenders.  Until now only repeat offenders were subjected to the interlock requirement.  Under the new law any person convicted of DUI with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.10 percent or greaterwill be required to use an ignition interlock for at least one year.  The ignition interlock requirement will not affect those offenders that are admitted to the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD).  Once the law takes effect in August of 2017 there will be on two states in the US that do not have some form of ignition interlock requirement for first time offenders.

What is an Interlock and how does it work?  An ignition interlock is essentially a breathalyzer installed in a vehicle. The device interrupts the signal from the ignition to the starter until a valid breath sample is provided.The vehicle will not start if the driver’s BAC is over a pre-set limit.  Once the vehicle is started the device may require, at random intervals, that an additional breath sample be provided.  This is referred to as a Running Test or Rolling Test. Failure to provide a valid sample can result in the vehicle ignition being shut down.  The results of each breath test is logged in the devices data recorder.  The log can be printed out or downloaded each time the device is calibrated or serviced.Failed attempts to start a vehicle will be displayed on the log. Read more...

Why Do I Need a Will Anyway?
by Kathleen M. Gingrich

That is a question that I am asked regularly whether I am meeting with a potential client to discuss developing an estate plan, publicly speaking about the benefits of having an estate plan (or the detriments, which are many, of NOT having one), or cornered at a cocktail party by someone who “wants to pick my brain” for legal advice. And every time I am asked, my answer is always the same, “Because if you don’t prepare your own Will (or better idea- have a knowledgeable attorney prepare one for you), whether or not you know it, you already have a Will. It was written for you by the Pennsylvania Legislature (now, that is one very scary thought, right?!)

The Will drafted for you by the Legislature is called the Pennsylvania Intestacy Statute and it not only directs WHO will inherit your estate (the “Bounty” you have collected over your lifetime and which you still possess upon your death), but it specifies WHAT PERCENTAGE goes to each class of beneficiaries, whether you like it or not. Not surprisingly, each time I deliver that answer to “The Will” question, the person’s jaw inevitably drops and I get a “say what?”(many times laced with some very spicy expletives!). Read more...


Summer Vacation and Child Custody by Kara W. Haggerty

Summer vacation.  The term evokes many thoughts – long days, warm nights, sunshine and flowers blooming, lounging by the pool or a trip down the shore.  For kids it means no school, sleeping in, hanging out with friends or going to summer camp.

For separated families, the term means something very different.  It means a change in the custody schedule, needing child care, arranging transportation to camp and deciding who is taking summer vacation first.  There are also financial considerations. Does child support change? Who is paying for the extracurricular activities, camp or even the pool membership? Read more...

work/life balance

Three School Hacks for Kids

Now that school is back in session, things will be busier than ever. Try these genius life hacks to help your kids (and you!) save time, energy and resources.

Guarantee Good Sleep

Sleep is important for kids of all ages. Have them turn their room into a sleep-enhanced space with a few alterations to their space. Include black-out curtains so that their peace is not disturbed by the rising sun. Have all electronics, including cell phones, turned off overnight. End the night with a good book and drink of water.

Limit Sources

For research for assignments, have students use scholar.google.com instead of the main site and to focus their attentions on reputable sources, such as .org or .gov sites. This keeps them from getting too far down the rabbit hole.

Snap a Pic

Have your kids take a picture of important information and store it in their phone. Then, when they need to know which bus to ride or what class is next, they can quickly access the info.

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Four Ways to Help a Picky Eater


Mealtime does not have to be war time. There are ways that even picky eaters can get the proper nutrition. Some ways to help include:

Let Her Be the Boss

Let the picky eater plan one meal a week. Bonus, let her make it so that she can enjoy food more.

Pack a Snack

Tuck a nutritious snack into your child’s backpack or tote bag. When he gets hungry on the run or after recess, he may be more apt to eat the snack. Choose snacks that provide plenty of nutrients and energy.

Be Colorful

Introduce your child to a variety of foods in a variety of different colors, including green, yellow, orange, red and purple.

Have Fruit and Veggies Available

Keep a stock of fresh fruit and vegetables available for your kid to pick up when hungry.


A man was walking home from work one day with no mind of his surroundings or path he took when he spoke aloud. “I wish I had more money to live a better life.” Once he finished speaking, a bag of hundred dollar bills fell upon the floor in front of him. Picking up the money, he deposited it into his bank account before arriving home for the day.

A week later, he had spent enough money to make his life better while some was still saved in his account. He was again walking home from work not paying attention to his surroundings. Just as before, he spoke to the air in front of him. “I wish I had someone to spend my life and money with.” That very moment, a woman screamed and fell into his arms.

The man married the woman and his happiness only increased with her attentions and love. With his attention placed upon the woman and his better life, a year passed before he started down the path he took previously. “I wish my friends could be as happy as I am.” Though nothing happened immediately, he arrived home and later that night went to bed.

He passed away in the middle of the night. His wife remarried his best friend a year later. His money was willed to his other five friends whose lives were enriched even more than his was. And everyone was as happy as he. When telling the universe what you want, be careful what you wish for.

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