Minimizing the Effects of Divorce with the Help of a Child Custody Attorney

Although many children are resilient, divorce often has a dramatic effect on their development.  Each child is unique, as is his or her reaction to this news.  Even in the most amicable of situations, the children must learn to accept significant changes in their lives.  Often, children must deal with being shuffled between two homes.  Finances may be strained since everything is now more expensive.  There may be a lot of tension at home during this trying time.  Having a child custody attorney involved from the start can be a tremendous relief.   A child custody attorney can offer the following benefits:

Source of Advice

A child custody attorney has seen the effects of negative conduct of parents during divorce.  He or she has likely heard or elicited testimony from parents about the poor behavior of the other parent.  A child custody attorney can explain what actions to avoid, such as badmouthing the other parent in front of the child or forcing your children to take sides. 

Associations with Other Professionals

As a family law advocate, child custody attorneys are often knowledgeable about various services and providers throughout the area who can lend greater assistance.  A child custody attorney may recommend time with a therapist or parenting lessons to help a struggling family make the best of a difficult situation. 

Protection of Your Rights

Divorcing parents have equal rights to their children unless the court orders otherwise.  A child custody attorney can help fight for a client’s right to have access to his or her children.  He or she can use any interference with his or her time as an indication that the other parent will not encourage a relationship between that parent and the child so the court should take this information into consideration when awarding custody.

Outreach Program:

Jump Street is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing educational and economic opportunities through art, across demographic and age lines. This amazing organization has provided books and instruments for educational programs, workforce development through youth educational workshops and short-term projects involving arts infusion. Learn more about some of their programs on their YouTube channel

Post-Divorce Checklist

After you have closed joint accounts, divided property and debt and secured your divorce decree, it is the time for you to make changes to lead to a better future. Although divorce is a highly emotional process, it is also a contractual arrangement that has serious implications on your finances. For your fresh start, follow this checklist to securing a new financial identity and security:

Open new accounts – you may need a new checking account, savings account and credit card accounts.

Updated beneficiary designation forms – change the beneficiary on your will, retirement accounts and any payable on death accounts if your spouse was the named beneficiary.

Update your will – remove your spouse as your executor and any provisions relating to property that would go to your spouse.

Contact a CPA – talk to a CPA about the need to change your filing status and review your expenses and deductions. Ask if there are any steps that you can take immediately to decrease your tax liability.

Create a budget – if you did not create a post-divorce budget during the process, do so now. Get a better idea about your income and expenses and see if any changes need to be made.

work/life balance
The Power of “No”

Between work, kids, extracurricular activities, marriage and other commitments and responsibilities, many people are overwhelmed with the daily grind. At the same time, we are trained to be “yes” people and to add even more to our over-loaded plates simply upon request.

However, there is great strength in saying “no.” While you may be afraid of not looking like a team player at work or like a pariah to the PTA, saying “no” is a great service to you and the person making the request.

When you say “no,” you will make sure that the person doing the particular task has the desire and the resources to do it right. At the same time, you will be able to reserve your “yeses” to the things that really matter while preserving energy by not wasting it on tasks that will only frustrate or stress you.

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Healthy Habit Hacks

In the busy lives of today, it can be hard to eat healthy when there are so many easy, unhealthy alternatives. However, these hacks can be easily added to your daily routine, saving you time and calories.

Slash Portions

Most Americans eat larger portions than what doctors and dieticians recommend. Avoid family-style eating and opt to serve plates. Keep half-cup and quarter-cup measuring cups near your serving area to serve appropriate portions.

Switch Snacks

Trade out one favorite snack with a healthier alternatives. Swap potato chips for baked ones or carrots and hummus.

Plan Meals

With numerous apps, sharable files and electronic notifications, planning meals is easier than ever. Making a clear plan can help you avoid those unhealthy last minute fast-food runs. Plan work lunches, too, where fast food runs are even more popular.  Take a look at apps like MealPlan Meal and Grocery Planner, AnyList and Pepper Plate to help you plan those meals.

Get Outside

Going outside can help boost your immune system and energy, while giving you the opportunity to engage in exercise, like jogging, riding a bike, hiking or swimming.

Florida Thief Caught by Own Selfies
You probably don’t figure that your selfies will be a prelude to your mug shot. Neither did a man in Florida who was taking selfies with a phone that was reported stolen during a burglary. As he kept flashing pics including the classic model pose of cupping his chin and staring steamily into the lens, the phone’s owner was watching all along! The owner’s new phone was synced to the stolen one, so every time that the selfie-poser flashed a new pic, the owner saw it in real time! The Tallahassee Police Department posted the pics online to their Facebook page, asking for the community’s help. In no time, the community helped out and identified the poser. Guess the selfies should stick with the pros like the Kardashians and Jenners, or at least with the real owners of the phone!
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