Legal Consultation and Mortgage services.

Hands down the best Law office I have ever dealt with. Both in my personal matters and in business matters. Very professional. Always got my answers the same day!

-Daniel Peter Russo
Outstanding Attorney

I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Attorney Peter J. Russo and his colleagues at the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo PC for their hard work, expertise, persistence, dedication and expert advice throughout the course of my legal proceedings. Attorney Russo is a superb attorney who is always willing to listen and provide excellent counsel throughout the most trying times of my case. I was extremely impressed by the way he handled opposing counsel -- with the utmost professionalism -- always working in my best interest! I will always be grateful to Attorney Russo for the kindness shown me during this ordeal. I have the utmost respect for Attorney Russo and his law offices for going "above and beyond" to provide excellent client services that truly stands out. I would highly recommend Attorney Peter J. Russo and his colleagues to handle any legal issue!

-Kathy Peter Russo
Recommending Russo

Peter is our go to guy for real estate issues. He is clearly one of the most experienced lawyers in the area for real estate contracts, settlement, etc. I highly recommend him.

-Jonathan Peter Russo
I trust and recommend Peter Russo

I have worked with Peter on both my own affairs and I have referred many clients to him also. I am a local CPA and refer business clients to Peter. He is always very helpful, timely and knowledgeable. The feedback I get from my referred clients is always positive. I highly recommend Peter Russo.

-Shawn Peter Russo

Such a great firm I recommend it all the time. A+

-James Pascotti Peter Russo

I had an opportunity to refer a friend that was going through a tough divorce. Jenn's knowledge, professionalism and tenacity proved to me I made the right choice.

- John Jennifer Spears Brenize
Divorce Attorney

Jennifer was a tremendous help and asset to have throughout my divorce proceedings. I highly recommend her highly skilled counsel. She was very knowledgeable and level headed. I also found her billing to be fair and concise.

-Johnny Jennifer Spears Brenize

Jenn is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend her to anyone. I was very happy with the service she provided for my divorce & setting up the custody agreements for my children. She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she puts a lot of thought into her case before legal proceedings.

-Jen Jennifer Spears Brenize
Child Custody

Jennifer has always been very realistic with us about our custody issues. We have a difficult situation and have had to call on her sometimes on short notice. She is always helpful and timely about her responses to us. She also did a great job of reeling us back in when we want to do more but she knows it won't be for the best. We would recommend Jen to anyone with custody issues.

-Stephanie Jennifer Spears Brenize

Ms Misturak Gingrich was general counsel for the United Telephone Company/Sprint for Pennsylvania & NJ. I worked with Ms Gingrich on many environmental and real estate issues while we were colleagues. Following employment with United Tel/Sprint Ms Gingrich provided legal opinions for me related to personal and business matters. I recently completed a divorce and Ms Gingrich was extremely helpful in dealing with real estate issues related to the transfer of property assets and cleaning up Deed related issues for my property. She was also very helpful in working with lenders and title companies to help resolve and close all the open issues

-Mark Kathleen Misturak-Gingrich

First of all, she is a wonderful human being. She is patient, ambitious, detail oriented, very determined and her knowledge of business law is unmatched. She is very sincere and she cares about her clients, not only professionally but personally. I hired her for a business contract between me and the landlord. She walked with me thoroughly and explained everything in detail just to make sure the landlord did not have the advantage over me. She was willing to take the extra step to come to my house just to make sure i understand and know what I'm getting myself into.

-Rick Kathleen Misturak-Gingrich
Great attorney for Child custody

She is top notch when it comes to divorce/custody issues. She keeps me focused and informs me of what is the most practical situation for each scenario that we encounter. She is always on top of her game and is focused on delivering great results each and every time. Thank you Lindsay for your amazing talent in this difficult moment in my life. Your truly are amazing in your profession. For future clientele, be confident you have a very impressive professional on your side.

-D. Cash Lindsay Gingrich Maclay
Top Notch Attorney!

Attorney Maclay is honest and straightforward. Many times during my case I contacted her about details written in the Custody Stipulation. She always told me her opinion and helped me make the best decisions my children - even if they weren't what I originally thought. I respect the fact that she was willing to point out both sides/choices even if one choice wasn't "in my favor". I would recommend her (and I already have many times) to anyone!!!

- Colleen from Harrisburg Lindsay Gingrich Maclay

Lindsay Maclay was outstanding in representing me in my divorce and custody agreement. She is very professional and knowledgeable in family law. I felt very safe and informed throughout the process, and knew that she was always looking out for me and my daughter.

-Ginger Keck Lindsay Gingrich Maclay
Knowledgeable and Professional

Peter Russo is an excellent attorney. He actively listened so that he was able to present the most viable courses of action in an expeditious manner. He is extremely well-versed in the law and garners trust and admiration in the way that he treats his clients. I could not be happier with my dealings with Peter and would not hesitate to recommend him.

-Client Peter Russo
Gives new meaning to "Time is of the essence"

Peter got to work right away, he dove right in only asking relevant questions to my needs. He got back to me quickly, he also provided reasons for each item he advised me on and was not afraid to tell me his opinion nor did he hesitate to remind me about any risks that I was taking.THIS GUY IS AWESOME!!!

-Moxie Peter Russo
If you need Council for an unemployment case, Peter Russo is your Lawyer.

I was recommended to the law offices of Peter Russo from another restaurant employee. I had an unemployment case do to being fired over false statements from a customer, and my employer took his advice without questioning me. Peter reviewed my case, and didn't take long to realize that I defiantly had a case. We went to the hearing. My employer brought 4 witnesses with him to testify. It was just Peter and Myself. He reviewed the facts, and objected to all of their falsehoods. It didn't take long for the referee to realize who was in the right. I very much appreciate everything Peter and his firm did for me. He and his firm were worth every CENT!!!! I highly recommend him.

-John Peter Russo

I have used his office for real estate, employee issues, will, and settlements. I like his honesty, his caring for others and expertise in many varied areas. I also like his problem solving ability and his ability to get things done the cheapest and most expedient manner.

-BILL Peter Russo
Great Job!

I love working with you all, thanks for being there.

-William Hornung Peter Russo
Stayed the course with us for many long and difficult years to get us to the light at the end of the tunnel

Jennifer became my attorney when my son was just a very young baby. He is now 13 years of age and thanks to Jenn our family has realized our dream of my son being adopted by his stepfather after almost 12 years. Jenn and I began working together with my divorce from his biological father and continued to stay the course through child support and custody hearings. It was a time of a great deal of stress, sadness, and fear in our lives. Jenn stood firmly by our sides to fight for what was best for my son and our family. When I became fearful she became my rock. Jenn was and is always well prepared and organized for whatever task is at hand. I could always feel confident in her ability as an attorney and as a human being no matter what I was facing. What she has done for my son and our family as a whole can never be repaid to her. Jenn always stood strong in her fight for what was best for my son and we will forever be grateful for that as he is so much happier now that she has helped us get to a place where he can feel safe and truly happy.

-Jennifer Jennifer Spears Brenize
Lots of Good Advice

I met with her to decide the path I should take heading forward to a divorce. She was very informative and gave me a bunch of useful ideas.

-Gordon Jennifer Spears Brenize
Jenn Spears

Jenn has helped me thru so much with my divorce and custody with my ex husband and I have always felt that she has been there for me, day or night! I have referred people to her because I feel she is highly competent and very helpful!

-Erin Jennifer Spears Brenize
My corporate attorney

Kathleen was extremely supportive, including contacting me while she was on vacation. Her philosophy that "information is empowering" is right in line with mine, her high moral and ethical standards are and were exactly what I wanted. When I first met Kathleen and her firm I felt like I had come home. She guided me through some delicate legal maneuvering with her knowledge and experience protecting my corporation and myself masterfully! She truly cares about her clients as individuals and puts herself out there for her clients when needed, regardless of time, or her own circumstances. If you need her she will be there!

-Taryn Kathleen Misturak-Gingrich
Dedicated and caring representation!

I first hired Attorney Maclay in early 2003 to handle my custody case. Our case has lasted for years, not due to issues with my lawyer, but issues with my ex. Attorney Maclay and the rest of the law firm have stood by our side through all of our ups and downs. From the beginning, she has been very straight forward to me about how the processes would work, our chances of succeeding, and which battles to fight verses which battles to concede to. In the darkest times of my frustration with the system, her ability to keep a calm and collected environment allowed me to refocus on what I needed to do to ensure my child came home with as little issues as possible.Through the eight years that Attorney Maclay has handled my case, she has believed in her work. She has believed in the case. She has believed in the better life we sought for my child. Through her dedication to my family, she has become a part of our family; something you may not find in many attorneys. You will be hard pressed to find another attorney who dedicates their time to each and every case the way Attorney Maclay does.

-Brian Lindsay Gingrich Maclay
If you need legal advice I suggest you call Lindsay Gingrich Maclay

Divorce is a traumatic time for anyone. Lindsay's professionalism and knowledge of the law and its application to my specific situation were crucial to my ability concentrate on the facts and not my emotions. My case was handled quickly and efficiently, allowing me to get on with the business of living. I appreciated her consideration of my time and resources and would call her in a minute if the need arose.

-Divorce Client Lindsay Gingrich Maclay

Kara was great! She was absolutely the best lawyer... very knowledgeable and with only one week to go over my case she nailed it!! I am forever grateful.

-Heather Kara W. Haggerty